I usually say, you’ll hear Yellow Energy before you see them and when you see them, life gets louder! When a fridge door opens, they might be tempted to sing.

This is an energy that just loves being Involved in just about everything that is going on. When a creative and imaginative idea is required, these folk will generate so many you might wonder how do they do that!

Their tag line might be, ‘Yes, Count Me In’

Yellow Energy – Proactive Traits

Yellow Energy is the most expressive of all the energies, you’ll always know what’s happening with these folk…they’ll always be telling you about their life. They wear their hearts on their sleeves! Joking apart, this Extroverted Feeling preference is the home of warm and encouraging communication. Their enthusiasm is infectious, they are people magnets, you will be amazed at how they can energise a group. These folk are the best networkers, they will know everyone and everyone will know them. Bringing people together is a natural talent that this type has.  They value INVOLVEMENT with all sorts of groups and people. The more involved this energy is, the more opportunities exist to find different solutions to current problems. Yellow Energy will generate more ideas than any other energy, how many will come to fruition…well thats another matter.

  • Sociable, friendly & Optimistic

  • Dynamic, Lively & Fun

  • Demonstrative, Energetic & Enthusiastic

  • Spontaneous, Imaginative & Creative

  • Persuasive, Inspirational & Visionary

Yellow Energy – Reactive Traits

  • Excitable, Loud & Dramatic

  • Frantic, Rushed & Unfinished Tasks

  • Indiscrete, Talkative & Gossiping

  • Flamboyant, Style over Substance, Excess

  • Lax Time Mgmt, Chaotic, No Structure

When Yellow Energy becomes more reactive they get louder and more frantic.  All the plates they love to spin at the same time start crashing around them.  Their preference for starting things results in even more things left unfinished.  They are not great at follow through or process.  This can lead to this preference being perceived as disorganised and chaotic.  Yellow Energy does best when they recognise that less is more. Learning to focus on a small number of activities means more will be finished in style.  Doing this means that they can enjoy the plaudits of their team.  Taking on too much and not finishing leads to the dramatic outbreaks than can result in team performance suffering.

Yellow Energy Leadership

The keyword for Yellow Energy Leadership is Vision. Communicating the ‘why’ and how they want the outcome to look is what Yellow focuses on in a leadership role. Their challenge is to keep abreast of all the detail of what is happening. You can guarantee that team engagement and cohesion is strong when Yellow Energy is leading.

This energy is about style and being visible. Yellow Energy will be happy to both challenge and support their team. When it comes to slowing down and really listening to the team’s challenges, well, let’s just say this is something they have to work on. Their preference is to jump to a solution immediately, rather than facilitating the team to solve their own problems.

Generally speaking, Yellow Energy Leaders

  • Are enthusiastic, engaging, encouraging and appreciative

  • Imagine “what could be”

  • Endeavour to get people involved

  • Act as a catalyst for future growth

  • Enjoy stimulating group discussion

  • Shift their thinking from present day reality to future possibilities

yellow energy

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