International Shipping

Here at we’re proud that our products are used across the globe.

Customers are using our colour energies blocks and card games in the USA, Europe, and Asia. If you’re an international client looking to use our products it is better if you follow these helpful suggestions.

  • Contact us first, our LiveChat facility is always turned on.
  • Leave an email address so we can respond as quickly as possible. Time zones are a reality.
  • Give us an idea of the items you wish to order and your time frame.
  • We will contact you with the shipping quote.

We are proud of our achievements in getting our products to customers around the world within agreed deadlines.

We look forward to extending our reach across the globe and bringing the colour energies to a world wide audience.

European Customers

In order for your order to successfully clear customs within your country we will need to include your EORI number within our shipping documentation.  If you do not have an EORI number you can obtain from your country’s government website.  This now applies to all imports from the UK to members of the European Union.  Your order will be delayed until you provide the local courier with an EORI number.  If you let us have your EORI number we will ensure your order is successfully cleared through customs.

International Facilitation

colour energies virtual facilitation

Often we find that some of our international customers have struggled to find high quality facilitators. A high quality facilitator can assist you fully embed the learnings from colour energies into your culture and performance. It is not always easy to find a local expert that has the depth of knowledge and experience to guide you as you begin your journey with the colour energies.

We are always happy to partner with you and collaborate to find a way to ensure your achieve your goals for using the colour energies. In the world of remote working, virtual webinars make cross border facilitation a lot easier.

If your organisation is considering embedding the colour energies and you want to fully understand how to get the best outcome, we want to hear from you. Our team of expert facilitators will work with you to design and develop a bespoke approach to deliver your outcomes.

We can of course deliver standard off the shelf programmes, these will have an immediate impact and will generate great conversations and learning. Developing programmes based on your specific criteria have a profound impact on the culture and performance of your organisation. When used as part of a wider development programme we can blend the colour energies with a multitude of other powerful interventions and models to create unique programmes.

Whether we work with you in-person or virtually you will benefit from our experience gained over 25 years of working with the colour energies.

Contact us to discuss your outcomes for choosing to use the colour energies.