Some of the most significant people of the last century have demonstrated some of the core traits of what we call Green Energy.

Characterised by a desire to build a cohesive group where each member of the group is considered equal. Green Energy is focused on HARMONY and building TRUST within relationships.  Preferring a democratic approach to getting things done, this energy doesn’t do ego.

Being completely people focused, their tagline might be, “How can I help you?”

Green Energy – Proactive Traits

Green energy is focused on creating the ideal environment for those they work with. They want to get to know you and understand on a personal level what is important to you. Then they want to provide this for you. Service is a buzz word for this person. Green energy believes that if they can give other people appreciation and respect they will not only get that back they will get a great performance from them.

Green energy can be passionate about their goals and yet will not be competitive with others. If the human cost is too great they will find an alternative way of achieving their goal.

  • Caring, Kind & Considerate
  • Encouraging, Involving of others
  • Relaxed, Supportive & Loyal
  • Sharing, Tactful & Diplomatic
  • Patient, Tolerant & Open-minded

Green Energy – Reactive Traits

  • Docile, Amenable & Submissive
  • Bland, Unexpressive & Dull
  • Plodding, Slow & Unresponsive to Change
  • Reliant, Procrastinates & Indecisive
  • Stubborn, Passive & No urgency

Passive. Stubborn. Green Energy is the home of the silent protest. If you’ve managed somehow to upset a person with a preference for this energy you might not find out until much later. You might have forgotten all about what was said or what happened. You can bet your life the person with Green energy hasn’t forgotten. Furthermore, all their colleagues that share this same preference will be fully aware of the hurt and upset you caused. The onus will be very much on you to resolve the issue. There is only one solution that will work…you will have to fall on your sword and apologise and seek to understand how you caused such upset and sincerely commit to be a better person in the future!

Green Energy Leadership

Being democratic in nature this leader prefers to let the group set the priorities and direction. There tends to be a reluctance to lead from the front, preferring to let others lead at different points. As long as you respect the Green Energy leader and keep them informed of what you’re doing and how this will benefit the group you will be able to get on. If they suspect you are attempting to steer the group in a direction that serves only your purpose and not the overall group you will be blocked. This may not be an obvious and direct block, Green energy prefers the indirect approach. Support may be gradually withdrawn from you and you may find others within the group are busy on other things when it comes to your priorities.

The overall preference for this leader will be to support their team with little challenge. They will absolve the team of any accountability and take the heat for the team without passing it on to the team. Learning to challenge the team and understanding the value of holding individuals accountable for their performance is a major learning for this type of leader.

Generally speaking Green Energy leaders

  • Are helpful and supportive

  • Appeal to others’ values

  • Aim to create the ideal environment

  • Rely on personal and subjective criteria, e.g. values, opinions and beliefs

  • Are careful not to over-use their authority

  • Respect others’ choices

Green Energy

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