When someone with a preference for Red Energy arrives on the scene, other people take notice! It’s as if there is something in the air that says, “we’re getting serious now and we’re going to get this done.”

People that have a first preference for Red Energy value ACHIEVEMENT and RESULTS. They want to get things done, their tag line may be, ‘Just Do It’.

Red Energy – Proactive Traits

People with a preference for Red Energy are active and move in a positive and forward direction. They have a strong determination that influences those they interact with and are single-minded in their focus on results. They approach others in a straightforward manner and will value competence, efficiency and effectiveness. When dealing with this type of manager they would prefer you to be brief, bright and then go, as they are busy with lots to do.

  • Confident, Optimistic & Bold

  • Determined, Driving & Purposeful

  • Assertive, Direct & Strategic

  • Results focused, Challenger, Winning Mentality

  • Demanding, Strong-willed & High Profile

Red Energy – Reactive Traits

  • Impatient, Blunt & Loud

  • Narrow focus, Win/Lose & Blame

  • Over-controlling, Micro-managing & Intolerant

  • Aggressive, Short Fuse & Conflict

  • Territorial, Not Listening & Dismissive.

Clearly, you cannot achieve a high level of team performance if you are a team of one! With a strong focus on the task and achieving their desired result, Red Energy can sometimes overlook the ‘needs of the people’ helping them achieve their results! Those with a Red Energy preference become more effective when they pay attention to the needs of the team and adopt a more supporting role. Over extending the proactive traits above can lead to the behaviours opposite emerging. These can only damage overall team performance.

Red Energy Leadership

Many people would imagine that leaders with a preference for Red Energy would enjoy cracking the whip. Perhaps, on occasion, this might be the case. On the whole though there is usually no need for whip cracking.

Contrary to popular opinion this preference is an extremely loyal leader. If you are part of their team, you will be protected. They are happy to say NO to nonsense from above and will keep you focused on the team’s goals. They will defend their team to the hilt and take the heat for their team. You can expect to receive direct criticism and feedback afterwards.

Generally speaking, Red Energy Leaders

  • Are quick to initiate action

  • Are direct and to the point

  • Clearly state what has to be done, by whom and by when

  • Bring pragmatism to their decision making

  • Quickly establish the pros and cons of a particular course of action

  • Demonstrate a sense of urgency

red energy

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