There’s nothing Blue Energy loves more than a schedule and a to-do list!  Ooh… the thrill of a schedule, knowing precisely what you’re doing and when you’ll be doing it.  It’s so exciting!

As a general rule, Blue Energy will tend to be logical, objective and analytical.  Preferring to focus on the task this type of person will be able to concentrate for as long as possible, being easily distracted is not a trait they suffer with.  Don’t be fooled into thinking Blue Energy loves figures and details, that is not necessarily the case.  That might be the case for some, but Blue Energy is far more than figures and details.  Some of the greatest minds the world has known have had Blue as their lead energy.

Blue Energy prefers to take a cautious and diligent approach to completing the task in the correct way.

Blue Energy values CORRECTNESS and is fascinated by PROCESS.  Their tagline might be, “Let me check the details’.

Blue Energy – Proactive Traits

Used proactively, tasks will be completed in a structured and systematic way. With a strong focus on process you can be sure that this energy can maintain a disciplined and dutiful approach to solving problems. Being easily distracted, wanting to be involved in all sorts of activities is not an affliction Blue Energy suffers with. This Introverted Thinking preference loves to learn about their chosen field and may not be satisfied until they have gathered all the knowledge that is available. Being seen as the expert is something that brings this energy a sense of achievement and belonging. Try arguing with this person, go on I dare you. You’d better have an encyclopedia available!

  • Logical, Objective & Analytical

  • Unassuming, Formal, Detached

  • Questioning, Critical & Unbiased

  • Technical, Problem Solver & Knowledgeable

  • Realistic, Factual & Structured

Blue Energy – Reactive Traits

  • Unempathetic, Cold & Distant

  • Aloof, Suspicious & Superior Attitude

  • Rigid, Controlling & Obsessive

  • Indecisive, Nit-Picking & Overly Critical

  • Lacks Spontaneity, Boring & Rules-Bound

When Blue Energy becomes a bit stressed, or over-extended, we see a person that becomes increasingly rigid and defensive about how things should be done.  Becoming obsessive and nit-picking over irrelevant details can drive a wedge between team members.  Their need to be logical and impartial transforms into someone that lacks feeling and empathy for the human issues and emotional needs of the team.  The process becomes all-important, you could say, its their process or nothing!  Sometimes, its just easier to go back to the beginning and start again properly, no short cuts.

Blue Energy Leadership

In a leadership role Blue Energy can provide the stability and resilience that people seek. Their calm and unflappable nature can give confidence to their teams. Providing their colleagues stick to the rules and complete tasks how this leader wants them done, then all is good.

Creating a flexible and collaborative environment can be a challenge. Recognising others as equally competent and sharing their knowledge freely can be difficult for them. An essential aspect of collaboration is dealing positively with conflict. This type of person would prefer to let the temperature calm down before stating a factual conclusion to an argument. Delegating effectively to others and letting them run their own show, whilst challenging them to achieve more without getting involved is a key step for this type of leader. Then there is the issue of engaging and interacting warmly with their teams, sometimes folk do need a hug.

Generally speaking Blue Energy Leaders

  • Use sound rationale and logical reasoning for making assessments and decisions

  • Look primarily to input that is factual and precise

  • Process information methodically and literally

  • Give others time to think through issues before coming to a conclusion

  • Are precise in stating what has to be done and why

  • Are thoughtful and take a considered approach

Blue Energy

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