The Colour Energies

Welcome to the wonderful and fun world of the four colour energies! In these pages you will find all you need to know about how the four colour energies of Red, Blue, Green & Yellow create our basic communication and behavioural personality preferences.

We are not the originator of this idea, far from it. The idea of using colour with psychometric testing has been around for many decades. We are simply putting our own stamp on it. We have worked with colour energy based tools and techniques for nearly 25 years all over the UK and internationally. Using this simple framework results in long lasting changes and improvements.

We use the colour energies because people instantly connect with the perceptions and ideas.

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Whatever your quest your first step is to find out more about your map, it’s better to set off when you know where you are. Otherwise, you’ll end up lost. Next, you need to identify where you want to get to and then plot a route to get there.

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