Transform Virtual Workshops & Meetings
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colour energies card game
Virtual meetings & workshops can be fun & engaging

Our Colour Energies Virtual Card Game is used by organisations large and small across all sectors. Everyday our virtual card game is transforming virtual / remote meetings & workshops across the globe.

Wouldn’t you like to access the secret behind the success of successful remote workshops?

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The Colour Energies Virtual Card Game develops high levels of Interaction and Participation quickly within a remote learning environment.

  • Develop Self-Awareness
  • Understand Team Dynamics
  • Identify Strengths & Weaknesses of your Team
  • Create a sense of Curiousity & Anticipation


Virtual doesn’t have to be boring!

You can always choose to continue as you are, watching delegates lose interest. Or you can learn how to create highly engaged and curious delegates quickly. Our Colour Energies Virtual Card Game is the easiest way to transform your virtual / remote workshops.

If you feel you are struggling to keep your teams and groups engaged during remote meetings, you need our products.

Spend £75 + tax and start reaping better performance and profits!

colour energies card game secret to success

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These products are developed by ourselves and are based on 25 years experience of working with multiple colour energy based psychometric / personality type profiling tools. Our products will work with any colour energy model based on the work of Carl Gustav Jung.