Gaining insights into your Colour Energy preference is perhaps the most powerful step in your personal development journey

What do we mean when we use the term ‘Colour Energies’?

It is a well-known psychological fact that we all have a ‘persona’. How we go about putting our persona out into the world takes energy. This energy is felt and can be observed through our words and actions. When we connect with others we connect at an energetic level. This energy can be perceived by others. We all know this to be true, do we not?

By using colour we can create a framework that enables us to associate different traits and language and actions to different colours. By combining the traits, language and actions with common perceptions of colour we create the Colour Energies.

Why do we work with Colour Energies?

For decades now organisations have carried out psychometric testing on their employees. They do this find insights into the organisation’s culture, their strengths and weaknesses etc. Rather than using technical psychological language the colour energies mean we can all start speaking a common language. This common language results in even greater insights into ourselves, our teams and our organisations. Using the colour energies makes generating these insights so much easier and a consequence of this is long term learning.

What are the Colour Energies?

In our natural world there are four primary colours and they are the main components of a rainbow. Red, Green, Yellow & Blue. These four basic colours give rise to a whole spectrum of different colours. We use these four basic colours to represent the Four Colour Energies that we blend to create a spectrum of possibilities. We have Red EnergyRed Energy, Blue Energy, Green Energy & Yellow Energy.

colour energies - 4 quadrants

How do you work with the Colour Energies? What if you successfully apply your learning about the Colour Energies?

Why use Colour Energies?

This idea provides us with a simple and powerful framework that we can use to identify behavioural and communication signals we receive or observe in other people. These insights help us become more aware of our own communication and behavioural preferences. As we improve our self-awareness, we develop greater personal effectiveness and this creates enhanced leadership and influencing skills. In simple terms if you want to develop your leadership and influencing skills, you’d better start working on your self-awareness. The easiest way to do that is to become familiar with the colour energies!

Colour Energies don’t just improve your leadership and influencing skills. You can apply the colour energies to your personal development, no matter what field you’re interested in. If you want to achieve your personal best or personal goals, the colour energies will act as a fantastic springboard for your quest.

Perhaps you simply want to be build better relationships with your colleagues, family or friends? The colour energies are the perfect way to start understanding how you can better adapt and build more meaningful connections with those that you want in your life.

Put simply the colour energies can impact every aspect of your life and will lead to a positive impact on you and those around you.

Start using the colour energies now and see an instant improvement with a never-ending stream of possibilities for positive change.

It’s nice to meet you.

Curious about the colour energies? 👋

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